Mountain Crime: Requital

Mountain Crime: Requital

Play Mountain Crime today to discover the truth! For mature players only
License type: Demo

Someone is killing the guests at a mountain resort, and you could be next if you don't solve the mystery at the heart of this chilling thriller! Take the role of a doctor who's summoned to a remote hotel to tend to a patient, and hold on to your sanity as you discover the first victim moments upon arriving at the retreat. As night falls and a storm rages outside, you'll question the other guests, search for clues and become entangled in a noose that tightens with your discovery of each new body.
To escape with your life, you'll need to scour hidden object scenes for the items you need to open up new areas, crack brain-bending puzzles and read newspaper clippings that reveal the hotel's horrific past. As the picture of what's happening comes into focus, two questions will take shape in your mind: What ties do you have to the hotel? And why did one of the victims claim you are the killer? The answer will shock you! Play Mountain Crime today to discover the truth! For mature players only.Mountain Crime: Requital is a typical hidden object game where you’re required to find items concealed within all kinds of sceneries. As many other hidden object games, an intriguing story line will keep you captivated and interested in advancing through the game. In Mountain Crime: Requital, the storyline is about solving some murder cases, finding and stopping the killer, and ultimately unraveling the mystery surrounding a mountain resort. When you solve the puzzles, you also find clues that help you eventually solve the mysteries of the story line.

The graphics of Mountain Crime: Requital are above average when compared to the graphics of other similar hidden object puzzle games. Though on some older systems the game might hang and freeze because of the quite advanced visuals, the cool graphics are an undeniable advantage. The impressive scenes make spending time playing this game even more pleasing.

There are no original features or game elements, but Mountain Crime: Requital is still a nice hidden object puzzle game that will provide an enjoyable experience not only to the fans of the game genre, but also to casual players alike.

Margie Smeer
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  • Nice visuals
  • Captivating storyline
  • Can be played in full screen or windowed mode


  • Lacks originality
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